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Fluoroelastomer FKM 2461

Fluoroelastomer FKM246 is the terpolymer of VDF, TFE and HFP. Due to high fluorine content, the product has excellent high temperature resistance. It resists especially to diester oil, chemicals. Fluoroelastomer FKM246 has good mechanical property. It has better resistance to oil and acid than F23. FKM2461 is widely used in aerospace, automotive machinery, petrochemical and other fields.
1) Fluoroelastomer (VDF and HFP)
2) Excellent heat and oil resistance
3) Excellent Oxygen resistance
4) stable in high quality

Density g/cm
Fluorine Content %
Mooney Viscosity
Tensile strength, Mpa≥
Elongation at break,%≥
Compression set %,≤
Oil Resistance

FKM2461 IS packed in slab form. There is each 5kg of the materials in a PE inner bag and 20kg in a carton. It should be stored in cool and dry places. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
About Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals:
Shanghai FluoronTM Chemicals is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fluoropolymers and relevant products in China. The products in our company include special rubber and additives, fluorinated monomer and fine chemicals, Special PTFE Products, special rubber products (FKM sheets, FKM cords), PTFE filter membrane and so on. Besides the common fluoropolymers and their products, we have some special products to give customers the solution for various applications. Having research and development department and production line, we produce the products with high quality. Of course, we have also provided rapid one-step service.

Fluoroelastomer FKM 2461

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