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Fluoron Chemicals is a professional supplier of fluoropolymers and relevant products in East China area, as well as a main exporter of such the products in China. During the past years of working experience in the field of fluorinated material industry, we have constantly strived to expand the boundaries of our knowledge through supplying to various groups of customers, and by trying giving one-stop solution.

As fluoropolymers are endowed with the extraordinary resistance to high temperature and chemicals over the most of the other materials, as well as the other virtues, they have been the most promising category of special functional and engineering materials. Meanwhile, due to the versatility of fluoropolymers, our customers are from various fields and industries, such as rubber processing, sealing part fabrication, wires and cables, coating preparation, etc, widely for both high-tech uses and common civilian uses.

Our main products include the following categories:
1 – Special rubbers and their additives involving fluoroelastomer (FKM), fluorosilicone (FVMQ) and perfluoroelastomer (FFKM);
2 – Fluorinated resins including PTFE, FEP and PVDF;
3 – PTFE semi-finished products including sheets, rods, tubes, expanded tapes, etc
4 – Fluoroelastomer semi-finished products including sheets, profiles and hoses, etc.

Besides the products mentioned above, Fluoron also has branched into special application of environmental reservation & protection, by providing special membrane material made of fluoropolymer for industrial filtration, water treatment and purification.

  • Special Rubber and AdditivesWith strong acids and oxidants, FKM gums have the feature of resistance to oils and solvents. Besides, it has high temperature, and has the property of flame retardant and good weather ability, fluoroelastomer...
  • Fluorinated Resin and EmulsionThe PTFE micro powders, fine-particle, are one kind of low molecular weight polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) with white color. It can be used as additives in all kinds of applications, so that the non-stick...
  • Fluorinated Monomer and Fine ChemicalsChemical Name: Sodium P-perfluorous Nonenoxy Benzenesulfonate (OBS)
    Molecular: C9F17OC6H4SO3Na
    Molecular Weight: 626
    Appearance: white or yellowish solid powder...
  • Special PTFE ProductsThis PTFE sheet gasketing, made of 100% expanded P.T.F.E, uses special process to produce a uniform highly fibrillated microstructure with a great lot of fibers running in multidirectional. Expanded PTFE sheet...
  • Special Rubber Products1. With perfect smooth surfaces, the fluoroelastomer sheets are even in thickness.
    2. This kind of product possesses better resistance to high temperature and chemicals.
    3. Because we have the capability to...
  • Microfiltration MembraneMaterial: PTFE (PP, PET), PVDF (GF)
    Efficiency: 85~99.9999%, H10~U17
    Modality: Flat
    Width: 260,320,520,600
    Thickness : 70~2000 μm...
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